Francis B. Kelly

& Associates, Inc.

When launched in 1999, the was the ultimate in patient accounts, admitting, and business office effectiveness!

Combining the two signature Kelly Publications into one service, the offered the data of the Nationwide Hospital Insurance Billing Directory and Casualty Insurance Billing Directory together on the internet.  We were honored to be referred to as the White Bible.

Time and technology changes.  Once cutting edge, then imitated, then brought in house.  From books to online to a reference service now.

In keeping with our business counseling and medical roots, we are continuing to offer access to information, only now in a different way

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It was a hard decision to make, however, as the world has gone viral, more people travel with insurance cards and medical information.  The world our publications entered in the 1960s no longer exists.

The advice we gave years ago still holds.  'Get all information.' 'Verify as quickly as possible.'  'Document.'  'Call, contact, or email asap.'  'Never assume.'  'Have a sense of humor.'  'Remember you are the professional even when the world seems to be falling apart.'

To the professionals of the medical world and those who support them and all of us in time of need, we thank and salute you.

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