Francis B. Kelly

& Associates, Inc.

Aspects of Francis B. Kelly & Associates, Inc. continue, in many ways, returning to our roots of advice and advising. 

For personal or professional counseling, one-on-one coaching, event speaker, podcast guest or facilitator, please contact us here through FBKA@FBKA.com or through MelindaJKelly.com

Founded in 1951, Francis B. Kelly & Associates, Inc.'s original focus was business counseling to the medical field during the post-war growth of Southern California.  Through the years, industry-specific publications were released to the California market.  In 1976, the Nationwide Hospital Insurance Billing Directory was released.  The complement publication of the Casualty Insurance Claims Directory, the successor to the Workers Comp Billing Directory, was released, also national in scope.  In those 'call and wait' days of yesteryear, medical facilities throughout the United States now had a quick, easy, and accessible tool for the verification of insurance coverage and benefits for local, transient, and temporary patients.

In 1999, in keeping with the new technologies, the two publications were merged into an online subscription service - the KellyDirectory.com.  In response to the increasing demand for the online service, in 2007 the hard covered books were retired.  We still received requests for them.

As technology changed, so did the need for verification.  People rarely leave home without their insurance cards.  Many subscribers augmented their database with our service.  Times changed.  The KellyDirectory.com has now been retired, with a reference page in its stead.